Gary Alex, DMD 203P

 Wednesday, April 26




“The Five P’s of Porcelain Veneers – A Unique Lecture Experience”

A logical and systematic approach is one of the keys to success with porcelain veneers. Specific planning, preparation, provisionalization, and placement guidelines will be discussed along with the latest materials, ceramics, and adhesive systems. A number of clinical cases will be shown. This no fluff presentation provides useful and practical information for the clinician desiring to take their practice to new levels of care and service.

  1. Planning – The comprehensive exam… the place to start (learn to see the BIG picture and not just the    front teeth…planning is the key to success with veneers).
  2. Periodontal – Gingival health, levels and contours (Make sure the frame is right before you paint the    picture).
  3. Preparation – How and why (definitive preparations for optimal fit and esthetics – What about “no-prep” veneers?
  4. Provisionalization – Methodology and tips (how to minimize problems and fabricate provisionals that    really look good).
  5. Placement – Adhesive systems, veneer resin cements, optimizing silane performance, practical tips, and more (How to predicitably place them).


Gary Alex, DMD

Dr. Alex has researched and lectured internationally on adhesive and cosmetic dentistry, dental materials, comprehensive dentistry, and occlusion. He is an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and past President of the AACD New York Chapter. With a background in chemistry and adhesive technology, he is a consultant for numerous dental manufacturers and member of the IADR (Int’l Association of Dental Research). Dr. Alex has published numerous articles and papers and regularly conducts and participates in scientific studies on materials and adhesives. He has studied occlusion extensively with Dr. Peter Dawson, and the late Dr. Bob Lee and is a member of the AES (American Equilibration Society). He has been the Director of “PAC Live Ultimate Occlusion” and “Aesthetic Advantage Occlusion for Advanced Dentistry” programs. Dr. Alex is on the editorial board of Inside Dentistry, Compendium, Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry and Functional Esthetics and Restorative Dentistry. Dr. Alex maintains a busy fee for service practice in Huntington, NY.



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