Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA, CDD 208F

Wednesday, April 26




“Excellence in Dental Assisting – Hands-on Workshop”

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This hands-on workshop is designed for the Dental Assistant to create success from “Our Side of the Chair”. In this hands-on workshop, the dental assistant takes part in 8 rotational programs and the learning objectives as indicated below.



Photography – In this digital age, effective patient and lab communication is predicated on clinical photography. Attendees will learn simplified camera settings appropriate for various photographs as well as placement of retractors and use of clinical mirrors. Uploading, basic image manipulation, file storage and tips for quick access and emailing will be demonstrated.

  • What materials are needed to take proper photos, not just the camera
  • Basics of positioning and framing of the subject
  • Proper instruments and lighting for excellent intraoral shots
  • Digital imaging for patient education and case acceptance

Impression Techniques– Making an accurate and detailed impression is the first and most important step in creating superior prosthetic restorations for your patients, but even the most experienced practitioner can encounter difficulties when making an impression.

  • PVS vs. Alginate
  • Understanding what to look for in an impression
  • Choosing the right impression tray
  • Proper patient positioning techniques
  • Why did I get a pull, scrape, bubble delamination and or void?

Lab Communication– Communication between the dentist, assistant and laboratory technician is now more critical than ever in the overall achievement of ultimate esthetic results. Increase your artistic skill and satisfaction by learning about materials and techniques to deliver the best dentistry to your patients.

  • Mastering digital photography, preoperative, provisional stage and postoperative
  • Step-by-step procedural techniques in taking a facebow/bitestick, diagnostic study casts, video imaging and laboratory Rx
  • What constitutes a perfect master impression

Whitening – Fulfilling the desire and demand to have a bright and white smile is the ultimate goal for every dental practice.

  • How to do a whitening consult and understand who is a candidate for each whitening procedure
  • Understand the differences of carbamide vs. hydrogen and what type of whitening the patient needs
  • Giving proper home care instructions and tips to achieve their goal.



Fabricating the Exquisite Anterior – Multiple fabrication techniques will be presented including materials selection and custom staining. This workshop will cover provisional cementation techniques to reduce sensitivity and provide retention. Participants will fabricate a crown and bridge provisional.

  • Understand both indirect and direct provisional techniques
  • Trim, finish and polish provisionals to create exquisite fit and aesthetics
  • Choose cementation techniques for partial and full coverage anterior provisionals

Fabricating the Exquisite Posterior – Participants will fabricate a crown and bridge provisional as stated above.

  • Understand both indirect and direct provisional techniques
  • Trim, finish and polish provisionals to create exquisite fit and aesthetics
  • Choose cementation techniques for partial and full coverage anterior provisionals

Bonding + Cementation– Bonding and cementation materials and techniques are constantly evolving. It is a challenge of every practice to differentiate between the products on the market, and know which to choose to ensure predictable results. The presentation will detail a systematic approach to evaluating the different generations of dentin adhesives, and compare the clinical and research data of each. This lecture will clarify how to decrease post-operative sensitivity and increase the success of your adhesive dentistry.

  • Dentin adhesives, materials and application
  • Bonding materials
  • Cementation materials and technique
  • Light and dual cure bonding technique

Infection Control – The will provide an overview of best practices for infection control in dentistry with an emphasis on how to adapt guidelines and recommendations into every day practice. Participants are guided through the process of delivering safe care and without compromising efficiency.

  • Understand the principles and processes of disinfection and sterilization
  • Identify the steps to sharps safety
  • Identify the personal protective attire and gear for dental personnel safety
  • Identify the infection prevention strategies that dental staff should follow at all times


Shannon Pace Brinker, CDA, CDD

Shannon Pace Brinker is a national and international speaker and published author and a 1994 graduate of the Dental Assisting Program at Bowman Gray School of Medicine and work with Dr. Trey White in hi private practice in Virginia Beach, VA. Shannon and her husband Eric are the owners of a new publication, Contemporary Products Solutions. It is the only dental editorial that combines product review for the whole team. Shannon is a past faculty member of the Dawson Academy and Spear Education. She is an active member of the AACD. Shannon is the first auxiliary to sit on the AACD Board of Directors. Shannon is a member of the E4D Clinical Operations Operators (ECO) group and had extensive input for the certified dental designer CDD certification. Shannon was selected one of Dentistry’s Top 100 Clinicians of 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012. She was also selected as Dental Products Report 25 most influential women in dentistry and Dr. Biscupid’s Dental Assistant Educator of the year 2012.